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Mood lighting on and feet up, it’s winter!  But which? In this article I share tips from colleagues, from our community and from myself. The watch list about tech, social media, marketing, innovation, communication… Everything that suits Frankwatching. A number of documentaries are a bit older. So you may have already seen these. But they should not be missing from the list. They are in no particular order. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, or complete the list with your tip .Trial By Media We start with a tip from our Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List intern Tanja Janssens.

College Tour with Snapchat

In October this year, College Tour celebrated ’70 years of television’. Evan Spiegel (31) was a guest in this episode. This is the CEO and founder of Snapchat. With 293 Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List million daily users worldwide, Snapchat ranks among the top social media companies. This episode’s description reads: ‘At 25, Evan Spiegel was the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Forbes estimates his current net worth at $11.1 billion. Evan Spiegel will talk to students about the future of television, original content and the growing influence of social media.’

Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List


The story being told is unreal and Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List slightly terrifying. iHuman takes you into the future of artificial intelligence. And that goes further than serving appropriate advertisements, deepfakes and social media bubbles. The scientists in the documentary call for you to prepare for the era after privacy. Everything we do is recorded, and it’s virtually impossible to stop it.Many unreal examples are shared in the documentary. For example, how China uses AI-driven facial recognition to identify Uyghurs. Creepy, but reality for a while.

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