Does Social Media Affect SEO

Do not. At least, not in the traditional sense. Having more followers doesn’t mean higher Google rankings (sorry, influencers). According to Casey  Saudi Arabia Phone Number Bryan, SEO and Google Ads Specialist at Grand Cru Digital, “The customer journey isn’t always linear. In fact, these days there’s hardly any. From Find you through Google to following your business page on social media to signing up for your email newsletter.

Does Social Media Affect

You need to consider social media and SEO as part of a broader marketing strategy, says Rene LeMerle, head of  Saudi Arabia Phone Number marketing at digital agency Bonfire. A “rock-solid social media presence across platforms” is a great foundation for amplifying content and driving engagement. Directly or indirectly impacting your SEO. ” SEO and social media “generally  Saudi Arabia Phone Number work best together under a strategic content plan.


If you’ve built a strong brand using social media, this can also help you stand out in non-branded searches. “If  Saudi Arabia Phone Number someone searches for a product or service and notices your website and brand name, etc., they might decide to click on a search  Saudi Arabia Phone Number result they’re familiar with,” Casey said. Providing  Saudi Arabia Phone Number real value to your SEO strategy.”





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