Earning Model Crowdfunding

In America, this fifth revenue model is regularly applied and in the Netherlands, you see it more and more. For example, the American Mike Schubert has a podcast about Harry Potter books. Pretty exciting you might think. But he has a huge number of listeners, his podcast has been downloaded more than 50 million Morocco WhatsApp Number List times. And by linking his podcast to Patreon (a membership platform) he can live off that podcast. So it can be that simple.

There are many more

Do you think: that is only possible in America? There are Morocco WhatsApp Number List also special platforms in the Netherlands, such as ‘ Petje Af ‘ and ‘ Vrienden van de show ‘, which include podcast makers such as Giel Beelen, Angelique Houtveen and Sander Schimmelpenninck. Sander decided to stop as a presenter and to focus entirely on the podcast that he has with his school friend Jaap. In the newspaper Tubantia, he said: “I’m going full for the podcast, you can earn serious money with it. It is the only medium (…) that is growing significantly.

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As the research conducted by the University of Groningen Morocco WhatsApp Number List revealed, the Dutch are also willing to pay to listen to a podcast. You can arrange this via a crowdfunding platform, for example. Through such a platform people can easily sponsor you for an amount per month or per year. It is often small amounts that make the threshold low. And by offering sponsors/donors something extra that ordinary listeners don’t get, you quickly cross that threshold. The main thing is that you offer extra value.

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