Easy Ways to Setting Facebook Instant Articles

Want to add it to your WordPress site? In this step-by-step tutorial, we will explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of this feature and show you how to set it up in WordPress.

1 What are Facebook Instant Articles?
2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Instant Articles
3 What Should You Enable in WordPress?
4 Register Instant Articles
5 Create a Facebook App for Your Page
6 Style and Branding Setups for Your Articles Instantly
7 Submit Your Instant Articles for Review
What are Facebook Instant Articles?
Instant Articles is a Facebook feature that lets you load content 10 times faster using a customized mobile format. It is based on the same technology used in the Facebook app for mobile devices.This incredible speed boost provides a better user experience for mobile users. Many popular media sites use it on their websites. You can easily view instant articles on your Facebook feed with the lightning icon.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Instant Articles

Faster load times mean significant improvements in user experience.

Access to monetization options via Facebook Audience Network.
Improve Facebook marketing strategy .
Facebook’s huge user base can bring a new wave of traffic to your site.

Users will not see your sidebar. This will hide your useful widgets, email list forms, and anything that isn’t part of the article.

Most shortcodes, custom fields, and other WordPress features will CFO Email List not appear in your articles.
Taking into account the two factors above, this actually depends on the purpose of creating a website and your business goals.

What Should You Enable in WordPress?
There are several requirements to set up Facebook Instant articles on a WordPress site, you need:

The Facebook page for your WordPress site

CFO Email List

instant Articles for WP plugin.
Register Instant Articles
First you need to visit the Facebook Instant Articles website and click the register button to get started.
Facebook will now ask you to select a page. Here you need to select a Facebook Page for your website.

Choosing Your Page For Instant Facebook Articles
Choosing Your Page For Instant Facebook Articles
This will take you to the publisher tool on the Facebook page, where there is now an instant articles section. First you need to prove ownership of your website by claiming your URL. Scroll to the Tools section and click “Claim your URL”. Facebook will show you the code snippet.

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