Either Dutch or English

My intuition and reason tell me that it is completely okay to introduce foreign words in Dutch, as long as that word does not sound forced:It should not conflict in pronunciation (this is why I prefer to say ‘human resources’ than the tongue-twisting  France Phone Number List ‘human resource management’).It must be compatible with the Dutch language rules in a natural way.There doesn’t have to be a perfect Dutch word for it.This approach will have two major advantages for us, the users of the language:We keep the Dutch language flexible enough to integrate new, foreign-language concepts that will enrich our communication. We guarantee that even in twenty years’ time the Dutch language can still be pronounced and understood without crashing your tongue or brain. (Yes, crashing. I understand the irony.)

The users of a language determine 

If we’re honest, it doesn’t really matter  France Phone Number List what I think. Nor does it matter what other linguists say. The Taalunie puts it perfectly in their aforementioned article:Either we find such an English newcomer quite normal after a while, or it disappears from our language. It is not the Taalunie that decides that, nor does it depend on the dictionary editors. They only collect and register the words that are in use. The users France Phone Number List  decide whether a word remains.

France Phone Number List
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whether a loanword may remain

Perhaps we should also look more  France Phone Number List often at how other languages ​​deal with concepts and objects for which there is no word yet. Take African for example. Radio presenter Mischa Blok recently told us on her Twitter what a touchscreen is in that language: a caress panel. Beautiful right?

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