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Welcome back, everyone. My name is Ben Jacobson and I’m the SEO host at home and a digital marketing strategist at Page One Power. We’re with Michael Johnson and we’ll be doing SEO at home. If you haven’t seen this series before, basically, it’s our webinar series to keep the SEO community connected, and while we all work in different work Panama Phone Number environments, many of us work from home, we still want to Being able to talk to and keep in touch with a lot of people in the industry, so what we’re doing is sitting down with SEO industry experts and talking about a lot of different topics inside SEO, last week in marketing, we actually sat down and talked about PPC, so it’s not just SEO, But not only PPC, but also PPC in Spanish.

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Okay, it looks like people are jumping into the room, and we’re going to give everyone a few minutes to settle down there, and I’ll make sure you’re familiar with how this works, so if you have Questions or answers, or… If you want to get involved in the chat, of course, we have the chat at the bottom, and the Q and A buttons, and it pops up all your questions and answers for you, and if you want to answer those or ask those it’s a little bit Keep those there but we’re at what, everyone settle down,  I hope you, if you are in America and join us, exercise your right to vote today, we will refrain from any further electoral talk than this. But I’ve got the full analysis ready, Ben, I don’t know what.

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Empathize with the fact that you are contacting another person (usually a stranger) and asking for their favor. And do your research to understand them and their audience so you can explain convincingly why they should connect. Get out now, send awesome outreach emails, and get the links you need for your website. Power Sales Manager Michael Johnson joined SEO From Home — Michael gave a fun and informative office-themed presentation on how to structure search content. Fans of The Office and SEO will love his introduction below! Webinar Recording If you missed the live demo, you can watch a recording of the event below! If you want to see who’s speaking next on SEO From Home, check out our blog post (continuously updated) or head over to our twitter profile.

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