English Words in the Dutch

With a deadly serious face, I heard my colleague, a programmer at heart, say: “That new user failed to edit that page during our meeting. That was really awkward.”

New on Frankwatching I suddenly got a  Iran Phone Number List cramp in my Eustachian tube. Is it because I have the hypersensitive nature of a copywriter? Or is there something inherently repulsive about this disfigured mixture of Dutch with superfluous English terms for which there are perfect alternatives? Today let’s talk about the ways website builders and marketers needlessly mix English into our language. And while we’re at it, we can also immediately discuss whether my ear cramps are justified or whether I should just not whine.

The words my colleagues 

Believe me, it is not easy being a  Iran Phone Number List language lover surrounded by language butchers. Let me give you some examples of words that reach my ears in our office. Because I am a smart ass, I will also immediately show the Dutch alternatives:

mistreat my ears with

To what terrifying results these Iran Phone Number List  kinds of words can lead, you can see on the Facebook page  Unnecessary English Language . What you notice very well in their examples is that companies regularly make fun of themselves by using unnecessary English. Why do you, as a Dutch-speaking customer of ABN Amro, need to receive a letter from their ‘Grid Owner Mortgages’? As a customer, how am I supposed to know what the hell a ‘grid owner’ can do for me?

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