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Before you start writing, think Albania Phone Number about who you are writing for and where your reader is in the buyer journey. Each phase in the buyer journey is associated with different content needs . Suppose Albania Phone Number reader is in the awareness phase, then a white paper is not the right content form. A blog is then a manageable alternative that better matches the phase in the buyer journey. Suppose you want to reach your target group with content related to the topic of reboarding, then it is wise to first write a blog about reboarding employees . You can then Albania Phone Number the reader in the blog to download a reboarding infographic or template.

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Once they show sufficient Albania Phone Number in the topic and are willing to delve further into it, you can think of offering in-depth content in the form of a whitepaper or webinar about reboarding. This way you ensure that you gradually lead the reader through the buyer journey. Tip : Do you Albania Phone Number to make infographics quickly and easily, but you don’t have any design skills? There are plenty of sites, like HubSpot , that offer free templates. Example : HubSpot offers free templates to quickly and easily create beautiful infographics. example Hubspot Source: HubSpot Mistake 4: Every piece Albania Phone Number content you have ‘holes’ As a marketer.

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I have to admit that the temptation to gape at Albania Phone Number piece of content you have (behind a lead generator) is great. After all, success is often determined by the number of leads you get in the short term. And leads Albania Phone Number easily measurable. You can also increase your database by collecting email addresses. And guide the leads through your own nurture workflows until they are ready to speak to sales. But yes, is your target audience waiting for that? Often not. By offering Albania Phone Number distributing your content. You remove a barrier for the reader (‘pay’ with their data), you are in SEO rankings and you ensure that your content is by a wider audience.

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