Examples of Corporate Stories

So what is a good corporate story? Let me make it concrete on the basis of 3 examples of Dutch companies. I have chosen 3 different organizations that have translated their corporate Guatemala Phone Number List  story into film, as this often appeals to the imagination more than just text. This film by ProRail is a look back at the year 2020, the Guatemala Phone Number List year that was dominated by the corona crisis. Because it is so specifically time-bound and seems to look back in particular, it may not seem like a corporate story at first sight. But I think it has all the elements in it.

What makes this so strong?

A connection is built with the viewer because  Guatemala Phone Number List we all recognize that 2020 was a ‘dark’ year, overshadowed by corona. We all recognize that feeling. And therein lies the conflict: how do you survive when all certainties suddenly disappear? We learn which changes ProRail has implemented and what is still in the pipeline. And what specific skills are required for this. Although this is a retrospective, we also get a glimpse into the future. The form helps to convey the message with beautiful images, but even more so the text that is cast in a poetic form.

Example #1. ProRail

Considered as a corporate story, the element of ‘transformation’ should be given even more space. What change does ProRail want to implement and from what motive? And what does that mean for the organization itself? Even though that may not be the whole point of this film, it would make the message even stronger.

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