Examples of Digital

Lanting shares plenty of examples from his interviews with the leadership of all kinds of companies. Ferry company StenaLine chose one clear goal: that eventually almost all business decisions will be taken by artificial intelligence. Think of the most suitable shipping routes, product range in the stores, but also the most suitable personal characteristics for new employees. A very focused goal, in which everything is deployed on the power of data. The latter  Sri-Lanka Phone Number List also applies to Randstad, by the way. An HR and staffing company doesn’t win the digital transformation with the best online job platform, so it took a really different direction. For example, the company uses data to calculate the best place for their customers to set up a new office or factory.


Suitable for digital

How do you become such an organization that can not Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  only respond well to change, but even benefit from it? According to Lanting: become a learning organization. Let the organization optimally deploy and exchange its knowledge and social capital with the ecosystem of which it is part. Lanting then describes 5 failure factors in the second part of his book. Fortunately, he not only describes what often goes wrong in organizations, but also what you can learn from this. I’ll give a very brief summary: Here you mainly see repair or optimization, but no real transformation. Make real choices in adjusting your strategy, technology and processes and structures. Let IT, Digital and Business work together optimally.

2. Focus on the technology instead

Make sure you don’t just invest in Sri-Lanka Phone Number List technology, but als o in ‘digital capabilities’. And you always focus on what delivers value for your customer. Provide a clear, guiding vision. Not one goal, but a horizon containing hypotheses that you can continuously test in order to make adjustments. Provide clear guidance, but at the same time involve your employees very emphatically.

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