Expand Your Target

When setting up your funnels, consider carefully what kind of target groups are possible. For example, create a look-a-like target group based on your current customers or email list. Or create an audience within Facebook in which you target people who have already shown engagement with your ads, but are not yet following Peru Phone Number List  your Facebook page. Engagement audiences can be very interesting for your THINK campaign, for example. Go through all the options and try to establish a relevant target group to get people in touch with your SEE message.

3. Align your call-to-actions per phase

Furthermore, with the use of funnels you can not only tailor Peru Phone Number List  your message, but also your call-to-action and landing page per phase. Where you might want to focus a little more on ‘more information’ in your SEE campaign, you can already focus more on ‘this is how it works’ in the THINK campaign. Of course you can include a harder call-to-action in the DO phase, such as ‘try it out’ or ‘request’. You can also tailor your landing pages to this.


Inspiration for your video campaign

Do you need some more inspiration? Then think  Peru Phone Number List about which videos you remember well. For example, the video advertising of Albert Heijn stuck with me:I think this is a good example for the SEE phase. This video is perfectly adapted to the time of year: going on holiday, and reminds you that Albert Heijn products should of course not be missing. The video below from Coca-Cola leads with a nice run-up to a call-to-action and  Peru Phone Number List is therefore a good one for the THINK phase.

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