Experimenting for the Next

Last year I already announced the beginning of the hybrid era. In the end, that turned out to be a bit premature, because relaxation of the corona measures was quickly reversed in September and also last winter. But now that everything is more or less possible, my expectation is that this will certainly last until the end of the summer . Unless another new virus variant throws a spanner in the works, of course. In other words: from March to September we can fully experiment with and get used to all kinds of new forms of working and Mali B2B List  collaboration that we have recently come up with under the heading of ‘hybrid working’. Amazing, fascinating and exciting at the same time. Because none of us have real experience with this. And none of them — I’m going to tell you — do we have Columbus’ egg in this area.

The core of hybrid working

I would like to list a few key points of what hybrid working is Mali B2B List  all about. Strictly speaking, we now have 3 options: We’re going all the way back to the office . That is by far the easiest. Of course we will have to get used to how it used to be, but we all have the most experience with this. That will work… But I have already written that this is not desirable for the vast majority of organizations. Moreover, a mass return also p Mali B2B List reduces a culture shock: the office has changed, colleagues have changed, and we ourselves have changed.

Mali B2B List

work completely remotely

We are going to work completely remotely , or fully remote . That’s harder than back to the office, but still workable. After all, we have (largely) partly done it in the past two years. It takes something to make this permanent, but countless successful organizations are showing that it is possible. However, it seems that most organizations and most employees do not want thisWe are going to Mali B2B List  work hybrid . That is just the most difficult variant we can choose. It ‘s exhausting . And what exactly is hybrid working? How do we learn to work, collaborate and communicate in different ways? That is the crux for the next 6 months. We have to learn that — probably through trial and error — in order to lay the foundation for the coming years.

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