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A few days ago, Shopee Shopping launched a five-day “2hr Extreme Express” service in North City. Compare Shopee’s three major guarantees: 100% authentic, 10% for fake, 15-day appreciation period for unconditional returns and cancellation, free logistics for returns, pick-up at home, late arrivals The slogan of sending 60 yuan shopping gold in one second. As soon as the event was launched,

It Immediately Caused

A huge response in the market, breaking Slovenia Phone Number other e-commerce platforms to arrive within 6 hours! In fact, what the outside world doesn’t know is that the behind-the-scenes hero who assisted Shopee in achieving the 2-hour limit express is the global express that was transferred from the Taiwanese fleet. Global Express is a Taiwanese large fleet re-investment logistics company. It is the first technology-based logistics company in China to introduce APP action dispatch and online fleet management and operation systems. Currently,

The Number of Customers It Serves

Slovenia Phone Number

Has reached 16,000, and its services  include two categories, locomotive express delivery and trucks. Two major fleets, including direct delivery, provide what corporate customers and general consumers need: “O2O express delivery, e-commerce express delivery, business express delivery, boutique express delivery, home delivery across the province, international express mail, vehicle transportation, circulation processing and packaging, generation Diversified services such as collection (advance) payment and corporate customer customer service line escrow”.

The high-quality service efficiency of Global Express is actually the main reason for supporting the delivery services of large domestic e-commerce platforms. In addition to Shopee, the current e-commerce platforms for global express services include MoMo, ASAP, EHS and Yahoo, etc., providing various services. The e-commerce platform provides 3-6 hours of e-commerce arrival service.

Different from the traditional industry, Global Express will become a leading brand in the technology logistics service industry that serves the convenience of life for urbanites and the fast turnaround of enterprises’ business. Facing the advent of the new retail era, the marketing cooperation between Global Express and Shopee Shopping not only reflects the close cooperation between business flows and logistics platforms in the new e-commerce era, but also opens up important opportunities for

Taiwan’s future development of urban delivery logistics services. starting point. Global Express firmly believes that only by constantly pursuing innovation and challenging ourselves can we see a better future. We hope that our existence can provide more convenient life logistics services for Taiwanese people and provide enterprises with more competitive business operations.

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