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Time for champagne! 2018 is upon us, and we’ve Graphic Design all had another year of social media-consuming lifestyles. That’s right, another year and year of wasted time has passed before our eyes. Years in Facebook Ads As always, Facebook has been part of some rather controversial topics.From debates around politics and “Fake news. To discussions around privacy policy, to some major updates for advertisers. A lot happened at facebook in 2017! Maybe your new year’s resolution is to spend less time on social media. Regardless, as a marketer, graphic design it is your responsibility. To keep up with social trends and use them to your advantage. In this post I’ll take a deeper look at the 7 major facebook updates that affect you the advertiser (or agency!).

You Enter 2018 Power Editor Graphic Design

You enter 2018 power editor and ads manager merged! From time to time facebook makes small improvements to ads manager or power editor, whether it’s a new design of ads manager or updated reports in power editor. Well, in september 2017, Graphic Design facebook got tired of updating both and decided it was more logical to merge the two into one platform called ads manager (rip power editor). Facebook year in review fortunately for power editor users, there have been no major life-changing changes other than the name change. Graphic Design Ads manager users are also not affected by this change, as they actually received some shiny new features, including: option for workflow for ad creation .

Ads To Work Out Of Sequence Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Ads to work out of sequence; usually by experience rich Graphic Design advertiser use. The older ad creation workflow is still available for original ads manager users who prefer a guided step-by-step process.The ability to view drafts outside of the .Graphic design side panel before publishing : this was an initial minor. Feature of the power editor brought over during the merge. Advertisers still need to exercise caution. And make sure not to click “Publish” unless absolutely ready to publish. Conversely if you’re making changes outside of the side panel. Such as importing ads, duplicating ads, or deleting ads. You’ll need to review the draft item first, then click “Confirm changes” to publish. A merger isn’t too scary, is it? In fact.

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