Facebook Features for Better Social Media Marketing

Facebook likes keep us focused on class, They continue to grow in part, thanks to new competition from Google+ . Facebook recently launched three new features, including improved photos and the latest news . The buzz Benin Phone Number List surrounding Google+ is forcing Facebook to enhance its own features and differentiate its offerings. Competition is good. But there’s no question that Facebook continues to dominate the social media scene. They recently had half a billion people log in on a single day. With these types of numbers, Facebook is still the big dog and still a smart place for customers. So how do you as a marketer keep up with all the changes? How do you keep track of new strategies that will give you the time to be the most investment? Here are three easy ways you can take advantage of some of the new Facebook features to push you ahead of the competition.

Upload Those Big, Beautiful Photos

Remember to add notes to the main picture in the album , so you can also get your messages along with your great images. The stock ticker indicator may have been the most controversial of Facebook’s changes. I think GMT is a great real-time tool that marketers can benefit from if you use it wisely. The way to get the most out of rolling captions is to encourage interaction. As you become more and more interactive throughout your post days, other people can easily click on their friends’ updates to see what their friends or hobbies have commented on. As shown in this GMT post, I clicked on Mary Smith’s interaction to see what she was commenting on. She was able to expand immediately after commenting on another Facebook page. Now, I can see that my friends are commenting on the new Facebook page.

Stay on Top of Top Stories

We used to have breaking news and separate tabs recently. But now, they all merge into one stream. The latest news is what Facebook thinks you want to see, based on past interactions. Filtered streaming stories are what Google+ doesn’t (yet) do. If you want to be a trending story, make sure you get those views and likes. Facebook screen shot So, how do you get more views and likes? Again, ask questions, and post good content. If you have trouble mixing up the interactions. Post something social and fun. These strategies are not new. But as Facebook has changed, they’ve become more important than ever. As you start using these strategies, track your progress through insights. Watch the engagement numbers on your posts and see if you get more views and likes.

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