What Do Marketers Expect From Facebook in 2022

At a time when Covey’s years are behind us and the market for a normal life is beginning to unfold, what new changes and innovations are we preparing for in the coming year? Of course, the impact of the plague has left a deep scar on all areas of society, including marketing. Plague and quarantine have affected people’s lifestyles and brought many new patterns of digital consumption. Audio rooms like clubhouse, the rapid growth of e-commerce, and even more realistic steps about the digital world called metaverse. These are things that will affect the work of marketers in the years to come. So what do we social media marketers expect from Facebook in 2022? Despite many challenges in recent years, Facebook remains the largest social media platform in history, with 2.9 billion active users.

Despite Many Challenges in Recent Years Facebook

Consumption among young people is likely to decline, but it will continue to penetrate new markets. Offset the decline in consumption with new features. Create new advertising opportunitie. Expand e-commerce and business functions, and lead to the next generation. Of course Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  vr and metaverse are digital relationships and the digital world. There are still problems. The government controls, etc., but it is clear that facebook has the potential to grow and grow. At a new level and in many directions. The focus on ecommerce e-commerce facebook has made significant efforts in the field. Of e-commerce since the beginning of the epidemic.

The Focus on Ecommerce E-commerce Significant

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This is reflected in Facebook and Instagram shops. Which has created a new and easier way for businesses to connect with their customers. Live shopping will be another important area of ​​focus for Facebook and in 2022. New opportunities in this area will be added. In other words, the developments required for live shopping. Such as direct post-to-purchase and easy payment methods (facebook pay, Diem electronic payment instrument), are expected by experts in 2022. Live-stream shopping is a top consumer trend in china. Confirming this expectation. The live trade market in China alone will grow. By 280% from 2017 to 2020 and is expected to reach $ 423 billion by the end of next year. Facebook believes that this is the case in other markets, and has already made significant efforts and started testing.

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