Fear of Failure

Many organizations and managers have been brought up with command & control. The magic word is mastery. To this day we see that most organizations are set up . On the basis of these principles .Innovation initiatives are presented as projects Djibouti B2B List with a beginning and an end . A predefined result. While they should actually be seen as learning experiments . Where mistakes are necessary to learn. As soon as you start launching innovation initiatives as projects. They are doomed to fail.

3. A central staff department

Innovation is usually assigned to a central Djibouti B2B List staff department. This department is responsible for coming up with innovation initiatives that guarantee the long-term continuity of the organization. But the roll-out of this within the organization requires change management skills and an implicit buy-in process. After all, the employees are not involved in defining these initiatives.

4. A rigid innovation process

The process is also an important Djibouti B2B List  stumbling block. One of the most common models is the stage gate model. A funnel with a number of gates through which an initiative must before actually be invested in. Those involved in the gates mainly use financial criteria. Often it is employees who have insufficient knowledge of the content to arrive at a correct assessment. The process consists of procedures and is very straightforward. This approach does not encourage employees to come up with new ideas that are substantive, but to come up with ideas that can pass the gates. And that is a sin. In a way, you make the procedure more important than the intended goal.

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