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Hundreds of writers and artists Japan Phone Number money and came up. With ideas for the films, where eventually a combination of all ideas was actually. LOOT does not want to do this top-down, but directly with the Japan Phone Number community. The coming year can’t go wrong in my opinion, with the great drive with which many people continue to develop the NFT ecosystem. A lot of news is still about the insane amounts that are sometimes paid for NFTs, such as $533 million that was Japan Phone Number for a CryptoPunk.

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The great thing about Japan Phone Number blockchains. That everything is transparent, so you can also make big data analyzes around the earnings. Then you see that only 2% of NFTs sold are sold for Japan Phone Number than $600 and the majority of the large sums end up in the pockets of just 50 artists. 3. Stablecoins on the chain It is a thorn in the side of lawmakers worldwide: stablecoins like Tether. Earlier I wrote about the importance of this within the global financial and cryptocurrency systems. Due to their rapidly increasing size, according to several governments, they could actually Japan Phone Number the global financial system.

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Credit rating agency Fitch Japan Phone Number this month that the rapid growth of stablecoins could have “destabilizing effects” on short-term credit markets. The global Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recently warned about the huge increase in money laundering. And the Bank for Japan Phone Number Settlements wrote in its most recent report that they see no value in it at all. tether While the coins imply bringing stability, the largest stablecoin, Tether, has been in the news on a continuous basis lately. Many people assume that stablecoins are ‘pegged’: 1-1 backed by Japan Phone Number asset. So for every Tether in circulation, there would be a dollar somewhere. This coin is now worth more than $70 billion.

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