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The use of videos in communication and marketing is not new. However, the use has increased in recent years and you see video more and more often on your timeline on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. But how popular is video and is it profitable for entrepreneurs? You see companies and brands increasingly budget for video capture. Nowadays you can UK Phone Number List develop a video with a small budget, few resources and in a small time frame. With a smartphone in your pocket, the threshold to make and publish a video is small. A blog, look behind the scenes, webinar, promotional video or a question-and-answer hour… You can make videos for different shapes.

on social media

Does your organization want to use video UK Phone Number List marketing? Or are you investigating how you can best use video on social media? Then the infographic below from Deposit Photos may be of interest to you. They have collected facts and figures about the use of video marketing on social media.

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The power of videos 

They specifically looked at the platforms YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, which are interesting to analyze. Because did you know UK Phone Number List that more than 1 billion hours of videos are viewed on YouTube every day? Or that stories on Facebook generate interest among users? For example, 62% of Facebook users indicate in a survey that they are more interested in a certain brand after seeing their stories on the platform. And did you know that vertical full-screen videos are 25% more viewed on TikTok? And did you know how-to videos are popular on Instagram? For example, in a survey, 80% of users indicate that they enjoy watching how-to videos.

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