Focus on 5 Areas to Launch Your First Digital Product

Maybe there are no huge surprises here. We’ve been talking about Email Marketing Copy blogger for a long time because it’s the key mechanism you’ll use to Armenia Phone Number List pull together your audience and let them know what you have to offer. why? Because it gives you a great way to capture your attention across each stakeholder and bring those personal relationships to the audience. It’s worth doing your corespondent well, but you don’t need it to be perfect , especially in the beginning. A message that comes up with a 5 or 7 will: Help your audience solve a simple problem they care about Provide important information about why you do what you do to your audience Educate your audience on why your solution is a good way to solve a problem with their topic Each auto-response message can do one or more of the above.

The Cornerstone of Your Craft Content

Cornerstone content answers the most important questions, namely. You want your questions asked all the time about your topic Eventually you’ll consolidate. The strongest people into content on the landing page , and you can even compile it into a free membership library on Rainmaker’s website, as we’ve done with One good thing about true solids content is that it tends to attract people who can help your business. They might share your content , or recommend your work, or even great partner candidates. But you don’t sit idly by and wait for someone to notice you. Start expanding your network now to create the best possible opportunities for your new projects. Guest posting is still an excellent way to expand your audience and your professional network. It won’t bring you overnight success but it’s a solid, robust strategy for increasing your influence and authority.

Seek Market Intelligence

You absolutely have to figure out what people want before you invest time and money in creating a product. We are fortunate to have a great platform to hear from market needs and desires. Remember, you don’t need to do all your social media listening on your own page or website. Anywhere your potential customers hang out makes a great listening post. Once you have an audience you can supplement your social media listening by hosting free Q&A calls using services like Google Hangouts. I like to gather in advance for these questions and then provide the answers in a live session. It’s not just a terrific way to find out if your market is hungry. It is also a powerful confidence booster for you. Doing some free Q&As will show you how useful you can be in your topic, and where you can get better exposure.

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