Focus on the Technology

Make sure you don’t just invest in technology, but also in ‘digital capabilities’. And you always focus on what delivers value for your customer.3. No or too little vision from the topProvide a clear, guiding vision. Not one goal, but a horizon containing hypotheses that you can continuously test in order to make adjustments. Provide clear guidance, but at the same time involve your employees very emphatically.4. Existing organizational structure and Tunisia Phone Number List culture counteract transformation visionProvide a climate and environment in which people can exhibit behavior aimed at that vision.

5. Focus on the customer instead 

Think in ecosystems where competition and collaboration coexist. Finally, in part 3 of his book Lanting looks a bit more ahead. He describes the importance of leadership and warns against the consequences of the 4th industrial revolution: the merging of the physical, digital and biological worlds.I continue to Tunisia Phone Number List  struggle a bit with the structure of the book. The book is not too theoretical. It is based on all kinds of practical stories. But it is certainly not a ‘how to’ book either. Now that I’ve read it, I know what Lanting thinks is important, but I have no idea ‘how’ I should approach it. Lanting warns at the beginning of his book that he mainly wants to describe the puzzle pieces. It’s up to you to turn this into your own unique puzzle – thanks to the inspiration and insights provided.

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