Formats that currently exist, as Google includes or removes these types of formats depending on their interests or trends: Featured Rich Snippet The result is displayed

What is Rich For instance, Snippet Rich Snippet Definition. Rich snippets or enrich formats are pieces of information in HTML code . Include very diverse data and .In a website to offer a greater impact or display. Of a certain link in search engines. These fragments are articulat through structured data markup or Schema and are display. In the three  important search engines. Google .Bing and Yahoo.


They provide more complete information about this result 

Making it more visible Namibia Phone Number and For instance .Increasing the chances of receiving more clicks . Which translates into more traffic for the website. 1 Types of Rich Snippets 1.1 .Featur Rich Snippet .1.2 Of events. 1.3 From companies 1.4 Of music and cinema 1.5 Of products. 1.6 Recipes 1.7 of reviews 2 Other types of rich Snippets Types of Rich Snippets Rich Snippets . A resource of great importance. For organic or natural  Above all. Positioning due to the visual impact.


These are the types of rich

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Formats that currently exist. As Google includes or removes these types of formats depending. On their interests or trends: Featur Rich Snippet .The result is displayed In addition, in an upper box in which part of the content is includ. Inserting an image and the destination URL of the result. It is call position After that.  Of the organic results and would only  ads above it if there were any. To opt for the featur rich snippet. Google has to consider that the content of this result is thet interest for the user. Of events They are very useful for websites that work with calendars and scheduled events. These show in the search results the place. Date and time of the event  the user  to attend. Of companies They are the ones that show the information of a business in the search results and are visible on the right side of the screen in desktop searches. It generally indicates the contact .Information of the company. Shows photos of it and the reviews that customers . Made of the business. All of this data comes from

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