Four Easy Steps to More Blog Subscriptions

Do you know the fastest and easiest way to get more users to your blog? The answer is to Switzerland Phone Number List ask them to subscribe and make it as easy as possible. Wow. Is this too obvious? However, day in and day out, I see bloggers who not only can’t ask for a subscription, they simply make it hard to subscribe. I’ve literally had to poke around some bloggers just to find a way to get the content on offer. Most people won’t do it. And I’ve ended up ditching a ton of blogs because it’s so cumbersome. So, believe it or not, you can gain an advantage over your competition by simply making it easier to subscribe. The successful conversion of visitors to users is in no small part with simple ease of use and power adjustment. Here are the basic small changes that will improve your user conversion rate.

Make Your Subscription Options a Priority

On every Copy blogger page , the navigation bar starts with RS and email subscription options. If a site visitor is familiar with RS, she can’t help but notice the right to the large standard icon. Even if another visitor isn’t a clue about the feed, the bright orange button that naturally draws the eye shifts to the right, down to the black box labeled “Email Notifications” highlighted with a nifty “Subscribe” button. Given my background in email publishing, there was never any doubt that my primary focus on Copy blogger would be to build a regular subscription-based readership. Since blogging makes publishing so much easier than it was in the days of my e-zine, it brought more people into the game. But often bloggers don’t have a subscription mentality, I take for granted due to history. Never forget that your user list is full of people who also trust you with their precious attention.

Subscribe in Fewer Steps, Hundreds

After making your subscription options layout a standout element, the next most important factor is reducing hassle. By reducing the amount of steps and data needed to complete the subscription process, fewer people will abandon the subscription, or get distracted by something else. Conducts a free newsletter on subscription pathway optimization tests . By having only one name and email address through a limited data set, reducing the number of subscription steps. The reduction in steps and hassle is also one of the reasons I swear by Feed burner ‘s RS feed. While the free service has tons of other valuable features (subscribing user stats are crucial), the main benefit is that it presents a feed reader option that makes the subscription process a simple one-click feed landing page.

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