Four-step Guide to Increasing Sales Revenue

Did you know you can make money offline with your blog? Dean: You know. offline. Not on the internet. real world. Blogger: ( shakes phone) It’s not just stupid Iran Phone Number List phone smashing my phone, it’s now translated into Crazy Moon language. Well, I’m joking. But listening to some bloggers, you will feel that the sole purpose of a blog is to make money online, by selling e-books , membership sites or advertising. In fact, blogging has grown into a more powerful tool than anyone imagined. They’re great for making money online, of course. But they can also be used to generate profits for almost any type of business, including those providing real services in the real world. This usually means a service or consulting business that generates leads. This is the corporate blog I use for my copy writing, which accounts for most of the new clients who call me these days.

Are You Selling a Product or Service?

I’ve had clients that took years to finally make the decision to hire me. And it’s common for people to say, “I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I’m starting to call. Do you have time to talk about projects?” This shouldn’t surprise you. The more expensive it is the service, the more important, and the more commitment it takes from the customer, the more careful the customer will be. If you need your bathroom painting, you’ll probably spend an afternoon finding a decent painter. If you need to build an extension to your house, you could spend weeks or even months finding the perfect contractor for the job. So, if you offer services such as freelance writing, graphic design, web consulting, wedding photography, event planning, translation, or whatever, you can use your blog to attract prospects and start selling them in the process of your services.

Create Your Sales Funnel

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Iran Phone Number List

Professional salespeople often talk about fleshing out their “sales funnel” or “sales pipeline.” What they mean is that in order to do sales sometime in the future, they want people to call in today. They always want a lot of people who are ready to buy at different stages. That means getting people to contact you. Often, this is done by exchanging contact information, offering something of value. For my business, I offer a free newsletter . I also provide a free white paper if people go to my main site . In both cases, they had to give me some contact information and they got the giveaway too. I also provided a contact form and phone number for “hot” leads who would like to talk business. I get a lot of inquiries every week. Most can’t afford my services. But there are a few who are high quality and good candidates for future business.

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