Free Does Not Exist

Where do you get your tools from? From the Play Store, from a collection site with apps or useful programs or from the cloud? The choice is huge. But so are the risks. Because there is no such thing as free. You may not only receive the app as a gift, but also the virus or malware that the cybercriminal packed in it. The Ivory Coast Phone Number List  makers are generally mainly interested in your data. So you have to pay attention if you install an app on your phone, for example. It might be helpful if Snapchat knows your location, but that’s not the case with that fun photo-editing app. Therefore, always ask yourself which information and rights are necessary for the proper functioning of the app. Know who or what gets access to your address book and other data.

4. Protect your customers against 

As a marketer, you can deal with customer data in Ivory Coast Phone Number List  many situations. Then you have to pay extra attention, because the AVG , the General Data Protection Regulation, applies to this. This means, among other things, that you must protect customer data well, so that third parties cannot steal or misuse it. And you should not collect more data than you need to serve your customers well. So make sure your tools also comply with the GDPR! Know what they are doing and make sure they have no leaks. Because GDPR fines can be up to 20 million euros…

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