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Another hurdle that many ecommerce marketers have to overcome is enabling prospect profiles from first party cookies . After all, the use of third party cookies is under pressure for various reasons.Do you want to get a good view of your potential buyers and seduce them with beautiful personalized messages? Then it is wise to have well-filled Thailand Phone Number List  data profiles of your existing customers.
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For many advertisers on, the goal is Thailand Phone Number List  to appeal to new potential customers in addition to reaching existing customers. knows about these existing customers which viewing, searching and buying behavior he or she exhibits. This behavior forms the basis for the search for customers who exhibit similar behavior, but only less often buy your product.  In this case speaks of a ‘High Potential’ profile.’

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And personalization towards these so-called  Thailand Phone Number List high potentials has proved very successful for Both on and elsewhere, the potential buyer receives the right message and, not unimportantly, at the right time. The percentage of new buyers was almost 15% higher compared to the effect of more general sales messages. Here too you see that smart personalization is good for conversion. Just make sure you have a good overview of the viewing, searching and buying behavior of your existing customer base. It is information that is not only valuable in marketing to your existing customers, but also to your potential customers.

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