Future of Artificial Intelligence

Unreal and a bit terrifying. That’s the feeling that lingered after watching inhuman . This documentary takes you into the future of artificial intelligence. And that goes further than serving appropriate advertisements. Defaces and social media bubbles. The successful deployment of artificial intelligence could be Lithuania Phone Number List  the most important .  Event in the history of civilization. Unfortunately, it can also be the last event. — Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist.

Everything is data

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goal of scientists

Max Tegmark of The Future of Life Institute: “Ultimately, AI will be the best or worst thing that happens to humanity.” He explains that on the one hand we can use it to make the  world a better place. Think of combating poverty and diseases or combating climate change. On the other hand, it can be misused to create a brutal world dictatorship with unprecedented levels of surveillance, inequality and suffering.

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