Get to know IGTV: Instagram’s newest feature

Since its presence, Instagram has experienced many developments. From being initially a platform for sharing images, Instagram has become a platform for video creators with a 50-second video duration feature and Instagram Stories. Now, Instagram is trying to make a TV for smartphones. Instagram wants to be a platform for video creators to share their work with 1 million Instagram users. This will only be realized with the latest Instagram feature, namely IGTV.

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Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that the platform was designed to make it easier for everyone to watch videos from a smartphone. Systrom also says that most video software requires you to first browse or search through directories. the feature takes the characteristics of the TV when you open IGTV, you can immediately watch the video. In addition, it also provides a “lean back” mode which is expected to be a

feature where Instagram can place ads.


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3 Ways to Start an IGTV Channel
3.1 IGTV is also available within the Instagram (IG) app
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What is IGTV?
IGTV is an Instagram feature that allows users to upload videos with a longer duration. This feature is arguably one of the ways that influencers, brands, and Instagram users can make videos for their followers. the feature is made in the same format as IG Story, the difference is only in the duration of the video. So the IGTV video will have a vertical format.

The difference between IGTV and Instagram is that on IGTV, you can’t view feeds, images, and stories. If you use the video feature on IGTV, you can only upload videos or Instagram stories that are 1 minute long.

But you can upload videos that COO Email List are 10 minutes long and larger accounts can upload videos up to 1 hour long. In addition, your account is a channel. If you create an account on IGTV, you will be prompted to create a new channel. This channel will later be linked directly to your Instagram profile.

So what’s the difference between IGTV and YouTube

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IGTV only focuses on vertical videos. Instagram chose the format because that is how everyone uses a smartphone. So you don’t need to rotate your smartphone to enjoy the video.

At the moment, IGTV doesn’t have ads yet, although Systrom says ads may start to appear. Additionally, as creators spend more time creating IGTV content, Instagram will offer those creators a way to monetize their content. For now, Instagram has not paid creators for their content.

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