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Einstein was good at math, but he wasn’t a math genius. What really made him a genius was that he tried his best to think about things that people take for granted. He was always thinking: ‘Why do we have to believe what everyone believes?'” From Unstoppable questioning is the starting point for Einstein’s search for answers. Einstein’s desire to understand the dynamics of the universe led Einstein to carry out endless thought experiments in his mind, open up areas he had never seen before, and observe the world from a new perspective.


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A musical genius must dedicated to composing music day after day, year after year, and fascinated and obsessed with enthusiasm to create immortal works.” David. Bodani Lithuania Phone Number pointed out that the extraordinary investment of genius also makes it a little difficult to live with genius. “After all, if a person is thinking about physical problems every day, he may not have so much time to think about each other!”


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Einstein’s two marriages with Mileva Marić and Elsa Einstein, Mileva also loves physical science, and in David. According to Bourdain, Einstein once hoped. That Mileva would be his life partner, “regardless of scientific pursuits. Love and marriage, They can always be by each other’s side. She was forced to put aside . Her dream and become “Mrs. Einstein” in a position to keep pace with Einstein and explore the world together. In the end, the two finally separated due to the deepening estrangement.

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Also from a Jewish family, David. After in-depth research, Bourdain tried to change his perspective and think about how Einstein would view his own life? “Maybe it’s Jewish nature, I think Einstein was a man with a sense of humor like I was. The world is so cruel and hard for us, we can only try to have fun. But we still take life seriously. Just from Keep your distance. =

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