Google and Amazon on Alert

Voice puts all tech giants on edge. Google and Amazon are in a perfect position to become voice leaders. Due to the large amount of data that they already acquire and are able to process. Their technology almost automatically becomes a bit Japan B2B List  smarter and more accurate every day. Because it becomes smarter and, above all, more accurate, more people will start using it. A winning flywheel.

 A winning flywheel.

Not unimportant is the fact that the business Japan B2B List  model of one of the most valuable companies in the world (Google) nowadays is based on the sale of clicks. The billions in the annual accounts are mainly a result of the many millions of  Japan B2B List visitors that Google manages to send to companies all over the world every day.

Japan B2B List

 world every day.

With voice, that business model will evolve. Google may Japan B2B List  then no longer earn on a click, but, for example, based on a percentage of each purchase. Obviously there are both challenges and opportunities for advertisers. This Japan B2B List  underlines the importance of experimenting with this, so that you as an advertiser can be at the forefront of this development.

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