Gradually, Then Suddenly

Bitcoin’s inventor, the still-mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, is said to be turning in his grave. Several times. The initial idea of ​​the Bitcoin blockchain  was to take power away from financial intermediaries (such as banks)

then suddenly

The Chinese government is now using the  technology to launch a digital central bank money system, the E-CNY. According to many experts , this gives the Chinese government even more control over its population. By being able to largely control financial Bulgaria Phone Number List transactions in the country. It is only 100 days until the Winter Olympics in the country, where this so-called ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ (CBDC) will see the light of day. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has pressured American companies operating in the country, such as McDonald’s, to accept the currency during the games.

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The influence of China

Even though there are already countries that  Bulgaria Phone Number List use their own CBDC, such as the Bahamas and very recently Nigeria , China seems to have a major impact on the financial system here. And in the long run even weaken American power considerably.

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