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Types of indicators provided Google Analytics is an amazing tool (especially considering it’s free) but it’s also incredibly complex. Learning how to use it takes time, and many people find the GA Turkey Phone Number dashboard overwhelming. If you’re one of those probably took a look at Google thought it was too much for you and never went back. Website analytics are only useful if you use them. So if you’re completely intimidated by Google Analytics it’s better to use a simpler. More basic website statistic it’s better to keep track of some stats than none at all. That said, let’s take a quick look at what you can discover with Google Turkey Phone Number Analytics . As a blogger, you need to understand how people respond to your content. It’s the only way you can better serve your audience and increase reader engagement.

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You can track dozens of metrics in let’s say you don’t have Turkey Phone Number  much time and just want to keep it to a minimum. Here are 5 key metrics every blogger should track: (1) Traffic sources In GA, just go to Get > Overview: google analytics for wordpress This window will display traffic sources in descending order of importance: Organic Search – If you spend a lot of time and effort optimizing your pages for SEO, it’s important to know if it pays off Referral traffic is traffic from Turkey Phone Number other sites – If a large percentage of your traffic is referral traffic, it means that other sites like your content and send their traffic to you.

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Harness The Power

Again, this can be very tricky (it took me a few tries to get it right). I highly Turkey Phone Number recommend watching this video before starting Setting up. WordPress analytics also involves authentication: you need to authenticate your website with If you have a gravatar (a globally recognized avatar that appears whenever you comment on a forum or blog post), you already have a account, as this is a prerequisite for creating a gravatar. After authenticating to your website or creating a account, simply install andTurkey Phone Number activate the plugin. In conclusion, both Google Analytics and WordPress Analytics require you to authenticate to your site or install code on your site.

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