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This 2017 strip of The Oatmeal shows the problem well. Start your own content platform So, back to Cor’s advice: start your own content platform. By a content platform, he means your own online place with a constant stream of stories  about 1 or an Armenia Phone Number few subjects, with a clear editorial formula and a clear brand-distinguishing face. And yes, according to Cor, any company can do it. Google values ​​stories around a particular theme. So if you do it right and manage to claim a topic, you will receive many relevant visitors  Armenia Phone Number thanks to the Australia Phone Number search engine. But also beware of Google I would like to make a comment here: Google is also making the move to keep people on its own platform for longer.

Hashtags in Comments

A search engine is increasingly turning into an answering machine, where people can already find the answer to their question on the  Armenia Phone Number search results page. As a result, fewer people click through. I’ll go into more detail about that in this article about Web Stories, a new feature from Google that was copied from social media, not coincidentally. bind people Once Australia Phone Number you have visitors on your website, it’s all the more important to find ways to keep them there. For example, offer them related content that is  Armenia Phone Number also relevant and useful to them. And show Australia Phone Number them that they can subscribe to your newsletter. Then stop socializing? Should you stop with social media marketing? That’s not necessary. Cor states in his presentation that you can use social media as ‘cranks’ to get people to your own platform.

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With the title: ‘Use the socials, but don’t rely on them and certainly don’t rely on them’. Cor has been promoting this point of view for  Armenia Phone Number Australia Phone Numbers a long time: don’t build your brand on rented land and start your own content platform. Organic reach of social media is declining We once switched from the open web to social media because it was so easy to reach people and interact with them. But in recent years, the organic reach of posts has Australia Phone Number plummeted. For example, Hootsuite  Armenia Phone Number writes that the average organic reach on Facebook has now fallen to 5.2% (from 7.7% at the end of 2018). If you want to reach more followers, you will have to pay. From community-driven to pay to play.

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