Have a Backup

Is Instagram out? Then your course cannot continue. And is your account blocked? Then you can no longer deliver the content. So make sure you have a backup plan. A few tips: Make sure you also have other contact details for students than just the Instagram account;Make sure you have saved the content outside of Instagram; Make agreements in advance with your students about how you will deliver content if things go wrong. Are you putting it off, are you going to deliver by email or do they have to create an account elsewhere?

4. Draw up terms and conditions

Most entrepreneurs who give a course on or via Instagram do not do this. After all, Instagram has to make it easy and cheap, so get started right away.General terms and conditions are certainly not mandatory, but you can arrange many USA Phone Number List  general matters in them, such as:The payment term, for example that payment must be made before access is given.Do you have consumers as a student? Then you probably also want to arrange something about the cancellation right of 14 days.Tell how and when access will be given. For example, that someone has to indicate with which Instagram account they want to follow the course and that they must register with the account with which you teach the course before the start of the course.

USA Phone Number List
USA Phone Number List

More participants through the right strategy

Limiting liability, for example with regard to whether or not certain results are achieved. This potentially prevents a lot of misery. Maybe not so risky when you only have 20 participants, the participation costs were low and your promises are realistic. But it’s a different story when your course becomes successful, you earn more from it, and may even have hired freelancers that you also have to pay.

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