Here Are Five Must-haves for Using Facebook Stories Business

Statistics show that 1.5 billion Instagram and 2.2 billion Facebook stories are generated each month, which shows how active Instagram and Facebook users are. Stories also have the advantage over regular posts in that they convey information to people in a very short time and clearly . Therefore, businesses can not only use the story as a tool to present their products and services and build customer relationships, but also as a profitable sales channel. Here are five reasons to use Facebook and Instagram Stories in your business. First, Stories reach users faster than other types of content. For Instagram and Facebook, the channel’s algorithm decides who gets the published content first.

Stories Reach Users Faster Than Other Types of Content

Stories, on the other hand, reach your followers faster and show published content to users for free 24 hours a day. It will also be possible to set the story to be visible on a regular basis, not limited to 24 hours, by saving the name and cover in the Highlights section below the Instagram profile. Second, Stories delivers current events directly to users. If you are preparing a delicious lunch in the kitchen Cameroon WhatsApp Number List of your restaurant or organizing a promotional event at your organization to increase orders, Stories will be the channel to deliver the event directly to customers. Even if you don’t use any other tools to attract attention, it will probably provide enough information to your users. Third, the response of people to Stories is high.

Stories Deliver Current Events Directly to Users

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Not only does the user see your STORY, but it responds very well. So be sure to add the following when making Stories to encourage them and build relationships. These include: Create a poll / ask short questions and ask users for feedback /; Use question and answer stickers; Mention others (when you mention others, you can notify the other person and share your story);Recently added new feature is the use of stickers with web links; Fourth, the percentage of clicks is high. If people are asking more about your brand in some way, it means they want to know more. So be sure to include a link when publishing story content. This will give them more information and increase clicks.

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