Hidden Costs of Our Consume

Column – It is with growing discomfort I read about the rise of speed cameras. Order a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s and have it delivered within 10 minutes, while you live within walking distance of the supermarket? Should we think that’s cool? As Brazil Phone Number List  long as you are healthy to go to the supermarket yourself, are not in quarantine and there is no great need (such as forgetting formula for your baby and you cannot leave your house), I can think of few reasons to to choose flash delivery.


Not the why, but the actual costs

‘For example, in the NRC I read about  Brazil Phone Number List the growing pains of flash delivery company Gorillas in Germany:“Deliverers are on strike because they don’t get their salary, or only part of it. Many deliverers experience the ten-minute requirement as unfeasible, and the large square backpacks with which they have to cycle regularly exceed the maximum weight of ten kilos.”The pressure to deliver within 10 minutes is so high that it leads to dangerous traffic situations. Knowing this, would you still order that bowl of ice cream?

Black Friday, American

Then Black Friday. It has been on the Brazil Phone Number List  rise in the Netherlands for a few years now and is now just as established asI understand these messages. Heads of government are in Glasgow talking about how we’re going to save the climate, while marketers are working on how to sell as much as possible in the final months of the year. And with discounts that many small, local shopkeepers cannot compete with. But not participating in Black Friday can also be costly. The competition is cutthroat. And at what cost? In any case, it often results in poor working conditions, low wages (without permanent contracts) and a growing mountain of waste.

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