Hong Mengkai: The installation of “anti-involvement device” not only protects passers-by,

There Are Many Pedestrians, Locomotives, and Bicycles on Taiwan’s Roads, and Collisions With Large Vehicles Often Occur. Although Some Collisions Do Not Cause Direct Death. The Tragedy of Being Caught Under the Car After a Crash Has Occurred Again and Again. In This Regard. Meng Kai Has Been Actively Concerned About This Since He Took Office. He Has Discussed the Feasibility of Reducing the Anti-involvement Device With Experts. Scholars and the Ministry of Communications for Many Times. He Hopes That if the Law is Revised Sooner. It May Be Possible to Reduce the Brokenness of a Family.

According to Law Enforcement Statistics.

The Number of Casualties Caused by Large Vehicles Such. As Gravel Trucks or Earthmoving Vehicles Has Accumulated to 190 as of August This Year (2021).Far Exceeding the Senegal Phone Number Average of More Than 90 in Previous Years. Corresponding Countermeasures Must Be Taken Finally. the Amendment to Article 18-1 of the “Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations. Has Been Successfully Read for the Third Time. In Addition to Installing a Driving Recorder and a Driving Vision Assistance System as .Required. It is Necessary to Add the Provisions Stipulated in the Law.

First, Large Vehicles and Large

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It Should Be Emphasized That Such an Approach is Definitely Not to Trouble a Large Car. In Fact, the Vast Majority of Large Car Drivers Can Abide by the Traffic Rules, but After All, Driving Has Its Blind Spots. Therefore, the Purpose of Adding Anti-involvement Devices is Not Only to Protect Passers-by, but Also to Protect Large Vehicles, So That Small Accidents Will Not Lead to Major Disasters.

In Line With the Ministry of Transportation’s Incentives and Guidance Measures Introduced by the New Law, It Can Also Increase the Willingness of Large Vehicles to Cooperate With the Installation, and Achieve the Effect of “Sticks and Carrots” in Parallel, So That the New Regulations Will Not Be Just Ignorant Penalties or Ignorance. It is Necessary to Increase the Cost of Operators, but Through the Planning of the Ministry of Transportation, Operators Can Be Willing to Cooperate and Use a Little Official Budget to Greatly Reduce the Probability of A1 Traffic Accidents .


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