How Bill Erickson Built His Business With Content

I am a developer who focuses on building websites using Genesis.  spend my days solving problems, many of my files, these are on my blog. I started doing this Hong Kong Phone Number List mostly to help myself. It’s easier to search my blog I’ve written more than tutorials trying to remember the site I’ve built on a certain feature, it, find the files, and then search through them for the relevant piece of code. Although this may be true, But I quickly realized that most of my site’s traffic came from search results for long-tail keywords , and people land on these blog posts. As I turn, I gain knowledge that goes into content, which drives more people to me and leaves me with more work to do. It also helps to strengthen my power – both in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of customers.

What Is the Greatest Benefit of the Genesis Framework?

Use the Simple Genesis sidebar plugin, and Genesis’ Simple Share my clients love. I also have a bunch of useful plugins that I have created publicly available for my clients. Responsive design: not an afterthought Bill: A lot of clients would come to me, designing for desktop sites, along with instructions to “make it responsive.” It was an afterthought, as if there was a checkbox in WordPress to make their site responsive. Responsive design needs to be considered from the start. If you don’t have the budget to hire designers and developers to experience building responsive mobile sites. As more business moves to non-desktop devices like mobile, it will become more important to have a mobile responsive website.

How Responsive Design Protects Your Website Moving Forward?

Hong Kong Phone Number List
Hong Kong Phone Number List

Most people design websites for a specific screen size. For example, 1200px wide desktop and 320px wide mobile. However, there is a huge variety of resolutions out there on different devices, be it desktop, tablet or mobile. If your target is only one or two that are popular today, your website may not be able to radiate properly next year on the next great device. With proper responsive design, your website works great in all resolutions. Although this may be true, It doesn’t matter that the screen looks like it’s on a popular device five years from now – you’ve tested it in all possible sizes. What else do you have to add, Bill? Bill: Make sure to use high-quality hosting for your website.

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