How can inbound marketing benefit my business

There are sectors in which the bids are very high and a large investment is required for the ads to be published. This is the case of insurance, marketing and advertising agencies, online education or legal services, among others, activities in which it is not uncommon to find irregular practices by the competition, such as fraudulent clicks.


The main characteristic of search

Engine advertising Namibia Phone Number is that it is positive for both the employer and the potential customer. On the one hand, the advertiser has the possibility of segmenting its target audience using precise parameters to directly reach the person likely to make a purchase and, on the other hand, the user finds ads that respond to a direct search interest. Ads in Google Ads If we consider SEM solely as advertising that is done on search engines, we are forced to dwell on what Google Ads is and what it represents in the digital marketing sector to better understand this phenomenon.


The company that owns

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Search engine in the world (2,000 million users in 2017) realized very early on the potential of a platform like Google Adwords. Specifically, only four years after its foundation (in 2000). At first its name of Adwords responded to the fact that it was only text ads (word = word). However, the appearance of new formats -in which video and images predominate- has forced the Mountain View giant to change its name to Google Ads. One only  to take a look at the numbers to understand. The current reach of search engine. Advertising.million euros were investe.In Spain in this sector. Well above the money invest. By companies in social networks  in the classic banners insert in web page. According to data from Statista. Beyond being an activity with an expiration date. Forecasts indicate  the volume of business . Continue to grow in Europe and .The Unit States until at least 2021 . With these figures.Which company does not  to  featur. In Google Ads. In addition to advertising by PPC Ads. Google has a platform specially designed for the promotion of electrical commerce products, Google Shopping

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