How Facebook Is Targeting Google (and Killing Seo)

Not interested in the game, I politely declined. But when my mother-in-law, who just joined Facebook. Became part of an online trend, it was a clear Belize Phone Number List signal that it was hitting critical mass in a large population. Facebook claims that its user base over 35 doubled in size between January and April 2009 – just 60 days. Not only is this an impressive site as massive as Facebook already is, but it means your mother in law is likely to be on Facebook, like mine, and one of them is probably ordering the mafia to hit each other. A rising audience means traffic to the site, getting links on Facebook. Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton now gets more traffic from Facebook than Google — with more than 7 million page-views from Facebook alone, the analyst Hit-wise claims.

How Facebook Kills Seo

Traditional search engine marketing aims to get people searching for specific attention on Google, Yahoo or other search engines. And that will continue to be useful for a long time. But Facebook’s rise has created a growing area of ​​sites that are completely. Invisible to search engines — most of which, Facebook blocks — and can be seen only by logged-in Facebook users. So as Facebook gets bigger and keeps more users in its walled garden. Your website will need to appear in Facebook feeds and searches, or you’ll be missing out on an important source of website traffic. What’s the best way to get your links in front of Facebook users? Constantly more important bait tactics. A bait tactic that regular readers and related sites alike are already familiar with , it goes something like this: Create content that multiple external sources.

Hits Still Keep Coming (We Hope)

Belize Phone Number List
Belize Phone Number List

So…as bait becomes more important for Facebook what does this mean for the future of communication? This means that, more than ever, you will have to continue to generate timely. High-quality, engaging Facebook links, as well as non-Facebook links, compelling content. Once Facebook users arrive on your page, you better have a plan for how you plan to get them on the site. And keep them coming back later. why is that? In a way, because Facebook links are invisible to Google.Facebook links make no lasting direct contribution to your website’s SEO, and as Facebook’s traffic drives an ever-larger. Percentage of your website, this means that high-quality content will overshadow all other SEO techniques. Wired published an article that provided a lot of additional information. About Facebook keeping a huge amount of data and links from Google.

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