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Knowing how much you should charge to run Facebook ads can be a daunting task. Charge too much and you may be setting too high expectations. Charge too little and you may short yourself. If you  Poland Phone Number run Facebook ads for a client, you might be asking yourself a question: How much should I charge my client to run a Facebook ad campaign? Fortunately, you are not alone. Are you wondering if you are charging correctly? Or, you might be  Poland Phone Number considering offering Facebook ad management and wondering how to structure your service.  In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some  Poland Phone Number of the most common pricing structures, how much you can earn with Facebook ads, and how to build your service.

How Much Should

A flat fee is the best option for a one-time gig. % of ad spend If you manage to find clients with higher budgets, you should consider  Poland Phone Number charging a percentage of their ad spend. Depending on your level of experience, you might charge 10-20% of your client’s monthly advertising budget. retainer You’ve probably heard the word “retainer” on a bunch of TV  Poland Phone Number shows about fancy lawyers drinking scotch for breakfast. Think of it as an ongoing flat fee. The retainer Poland Phone Number pricing model is great.

Poland Phone Number List
Poland Phone Number List

This one is very simple. You charge a fixed hourly rate and bill clients based on the hours you work. Just make sure you track your workload accurately and set realistic expectations for yourself. Whichever approach you choose to take, make sure  Crb Directory you’re upfront and transparent with your customers. Don’t forget to get a written agreemen. What kind of service do you provide? We’re not talking about what skills you have or what you can do on Facebook. We’re discussing what you need to offer a specific client. No two clients are the same. Every  Poland Phone Number client you have has different needs, expectations and existing skills.

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