How to Apply Facebook Instant Art

Instant articles Facebook will make it easy for you to connect social media with articles on your WordPress. We know that WordPress is a very popular and feature-rich CMS or Backend. So you don’t need to be overwhelmed or troubled again in using it. But a number of preparations do you have to do, including the following.

First, you have to set up the Facebook Fanpage that your WordPress website needs. With this Fanpage, it will be easier to manage who enters and reads your article posts. This will also affect your future research.

Second, no less important is setting up a WordPress website that you can use. Make sure that WordPress can work well and has become an option for dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting or VPS hosting. The point is you already have to have your own domain.

Third, you can apply Facebook instant articles by installing a plugin called the Instant Articles Plugin. Then, through this plugin you will be able to more easily distribute the article directly.

Fourth, what is no less important in this preparation is that you should have articles with a total of 10 or more. With the sufficient number of articles. Of course there will be more benefits that you can achieve in it.


Guide to Creating Facebook Instant Articles

Some of the steps you should take when using Facebook instant articles are as follows. First, all you have to do is sign up for an CMO Email Lists instant Facebook article first. You can do this on the access page After successfully logging into the web, you can SIGN UP. From here you can choose the Facebook page you want to apply to the instant article feature itself.

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CMO Email Lists

Second, after everything is ready, you can apply the next step, namely selecting the Connect Your Site menu to connect the WP to social media. After that, you just need to enter the URL of the WordPress you are using. Here you can enter several components first, including the meta tags that your WordPress website needs, and so on. If you have done so, then the next step that you can apply is to claim the available URL.

Third, you can go to the next stage, which is setting up the Facebook instant article plugin that you prepared beforehand. If you are ready then you can activate it by entering the APP ID and APP Secret. Both of which you can get through Facebook Apps. After you enter it, you just have to select the Settings section then select Add Platform and also select the Website menu that you have.

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