How To Bring New Technology

Nonprofits are notoriously hesitant to adopt new technologies and business practices. With so many nonprofits operating by word of mouth, they often worry that one wrong move could  USA Phone Number have huge negative consequences. In some cases, this hesitancy protects the organization from impulsive mistakes, but eventually you cross the line between caution and self-sabotage. Development and donor engagement are two areas  USA Phone Number where nonprofit technology and online platforms have made huge strides. However, the decision to invest in a new fundraising platform or change the donor database may not be in your hands. To push your nonprofit to change technology or operations, you must research your options and make sound  USA Phone Number arguments to those who have the power to make the change.

How To Bring New

If you’re transitioning to a new online tool, your first step is to find out who can make it happen. This is actually a  USA Phone Number common sales technique. You don’t sell to someone who doesn’t have a say in the buying decision. Even if a platform or system change primarily affects your department, you may still need to convince an executive director or CEO. For larger organizations, some questions may be required to find out who the final decision maker is. You should also consider your nonprofit’s board of directors. In some USA Phone Number organizations, such changes may require board approval, usually for budgetary reasons. If you must convince the board, you should still seek executive support. A united front is more persuasive than one man demanding change. Once you’ve identified who you need to convince,

USA Phone Number

You first need to identify what your nonprofit is doing right now in the field. For example, if you want to use a new USA Phone Number service, walk your decision makers through the current process. What are the limitations of this way of doing things? 2. How is the new  Crb Directory option different? Now you’ll explain how the new email service will change things programmatically or through different outcomes. Will there be fewer steps or USA Phone Number better reporting? Unlike your current email service, does this email service integrate with your donor management system? 3. What are the potential risks and rewards? This is where you give them the bottom line. What do you get by making this conversion? Whatever this change does, it helps to translate it into something  USA Phone Number measurable, such as time, donor engagement or fundraising dollars.

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