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Through rates (from systemic issues like account Portfolio structure to simpler fixes like ad copy, geo-targeting and advertising extension)). Don’t let it get to this point! Account structure provisions google knows. That the only way nonprofits will be able to maintain the new standard. 5% ctr in their accounts is to make sure those accounts are properly structured. Therefore… Significant changes to the google grants advertising program account structure portfolio. Your account must use geo-targeting. Which means your ads are only served to searchers in locations relevant to you. If you work with a family in boston, there is no need to advertise to searchers in nebraska. Every campaign in your adwords account must. Contain at least two active ad groups. Which must contain related keywords and two active text ads . If you. Have any questions by any means we have.

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Dozens of resources that can help. Finally, your Portfolio account must have at least two sitelinks . While these links can be implemented at the account level, to ensure that searchers are directed to the most relevant pages on your site, you should make Portfolio every effort to implement sitelinks at the campaign and even ad group level. While we are the subject (though not required ) , why not take advantage of every ad extension? You can use structured summaries to clarify your nonprofit’s services, add callouts to share your unique value proposition, and call for expansion in reaching out to people who need help right now . If for some reason certain regulations are difficult to overcome, your only option is to pause your adwords campaigns and use.

Adwords Express Instead Whil Portfolio



Adwords express instead. While this will automatically structure your account for you, it will also give you no control over which keywords you bid Portfolio on and how your grants are allocated. To save that $10,000, don’t use adwords express. You can do better just by structuring your adwords account in a sensible way. Mission-based campaign in addition to the structural changes required for ad grants recipients, google has also made changes to the Portfolio keywords that nonprofits can bid on. According to google, every ad and keyword in your account “Must reflect your organization’s primary mission, be relevant to your nonprofit’s programs and services, and be specific enough to provide good results for users to see your ad

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