How to Extract Expert Knowledge From Your Next Interviewee

The radio masters indicated that our company produced production time to understand their interview summaries and research the types of questions they were asking. They didn’t just show up for an interview and wing Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List it for the day. This research process is equally important for professional pod casters who don’t want to make their guests feel at home and provide their audience with an exceptional experience. Joanna Payne, host of Creative Podcast Guest , conducts extensive research before each podcast to ensure her interviews are relevant to her audience who want to hear about writing, publishing, book marketing and creative entrepreneurship. “I’m targeting people to interview because I’ve read their books, or heard their other shows. Listen to their podcasts, and visit their websites. As host of the Runner Academy Podcast but he also points out the importance of researching your guests.

Put Your Guests (and Your Listeners) First

If you’re not a seasoned pod caster, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about an upcoming interview. Even if you are experienced, there may be times when you are nervous about a particular guest. Jay Bell suggested that nervous should consider his performances, conversations over lunch with friends. “It’s more fun and intimate,” he said. One of the basic principles of effective content marketing is that you produce something. That isn’t you – it’s about delivering value to your audience. Podcasting is no different. Sean co-hosted self-published podcast advises caring about your guests and their messages. “Interviewers who are waiting for other people to finish talking so they can get their words are just wasting everyone’s time,” he said. “It’s the best role model for interviewing people who you really want to learn from, because then you’re going to ask this big question to help you learn.

Be a Thoughtful Host

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List
Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

The thoughtful host introduces guests to each other at the dinner; he also makes sure that food and drinks are served on time and everyone is having a good time. That’s not 45 minutes plus chat,” Joanna Payne said. As a podcast host, it’s also your job to introduce your guests to your audience with a warm and informative introduction. Your opening monologue should: Convince your audience that you deserve to hear. “Starting with an in-depth introduction immediately sets you apart from other people they’ve worked with before, and you value your time and do your homework [show],” Matt Johnson said. “Don’t just copy and read their bio…pulling out the different parts is relevant. When you open up this way, it allows you to interview people who step up their game. This brings in throughout the interview.

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