How to Successfully Reach Gen

Marketing to millennials is on the minds of marketers everywhere. Gen Y is the demographic everyone wants to attract, but it’s easier said than done.  Italy Phone Number combined disposable income of $530 million. In a study released by Adzooma this year. It was found that millennials are increasingly buying from online advertising. And this group is more likely to buy from sponsored social media. Ads than other social media-oriented social media ads. buy goods. But brands need to  Italy Phone Number work harder than ever to attract and retain millennial customers. Market research by Daymon Worldwide shows that 29% of millennials will buy the same brand, with significantly lower loyalty scores than other generations.

How to Successfully

As millennials use social media Italy Phone Number in their daily lives, they will be first exposed to the platform. If accounts don’t respond in a timely manner, this generation can make their message more public by commenting on feed posts or sharing their experiences on their own social media accounts. A Microsoft report found that 47% of millennials use social media to complain about a brand. Focus on authentic content Another word to roll your eyes, we know, we know! Millennials believe in what they think is real, with 35% of this generation finding user-generated content more memorable than other social media content. Millennials spend 5.4 hours a day interacting with UGC, and it’s clear that they trust relevant, authentic opinions from people they  Italy Phone Number relate to, whether it’s friends or influencers they follow.

Italy Phone Number

Traditional outbound marketing (magazine ads, radio, billboards) doesn’t make much of an impression on millennials. They started demanding customer-driven personalized marketing. This generation wants to feel connected when buying and valuing expert advice and guidance through eBooks, blog posts and videos. Inbound marketing helps them feel a personal connection during the buying process. The Beauty Chef  Crb Directory offers a free 14-Day Cleaning eBook, Adore Beauty has its own podcast series, Starbucks has interactive online games. As ethical brands become more popular with millennials, more and more businesses are putting their money where their mouths are. Stationery  Italy Phone Number company Paperlust Co. has donate. To an organization that aims to restore forested areas destroyed by fires.

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