How to Use Emotional Copy writing to Kick Off Your Sales

Emotional writing can be hard work. It’s really tough. Especially when it’s on a subject Croatia Phone Number List which is technology. If you’ve been following James’ blog for a while, you know she doesn’t post many guest posts, and when she does, her standards are high. The response I got with the first article I submitted was, “I would prefer one that is less technical and more emotional.” “Well, it’s a security enhancement for WordPress.” I thought I might say it out loud. Now, how the heck should I tell an emotional story about setting up a WordPress firewall? I’ll tell you, though, that it can be done. The story just needs to be told in the right way. It’s not just focused on execution. After all, implementation and “how to” cover eBooks. Writing with emotions about WordPress security, I had to go and why .

Tell “Why” From Your Heart

My wife and I had this nightmare once. Our dream is to be helped by people we’ve never met, someone who can’t care that they ruin our site by helping put food in our kids’ mouths. I tried to describe what happened to us in the hope that it might persuade others to take action so it doesn’t happen to myself. My goal with the post James is to convince her readers that someone’s threat to invade your blog and destroy the hard work you’ve been building is real . But my understanding of marketing changed when I understood why emotions matter. When you’re going to get out of there and try to sell your product or service, you have to connect on a deeper level. We’ve all heard how you should refer to your product ‘s functionality, but you really need the beautification benefits.

You Need to Connect

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Croatia Phone Number List

If you can not only communicate the benefits of your product or service, but you must help your customers, especially if you are tied to your own personal story, the passion brings benefits, then you are closer to retirement in Hawaii. Because I know my limitations, I asked James to tell my story for me . Reading how James rewrote my own words made me realize just how sophisticated attractive sales copy can be. It’s not just about benefit delivery. Nor is it simply about swaying the emotional response that is evoked. To me, it’s almost like a math formula (sorry, I’m a minor in math). Attractive sales copy is about making connections . Connect features and benefits. Connect your “why” story with their questions. The action of connecting desire. And how do you create a powerful message with emotion and storytelling? Let us know the comments.

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