How Will Consumers Behave

“The consumer will never be the same again!” You often read this about the aftermath of the corona crisis. But is that really the case? In this Zimbabwe B2B List  article Tom van Bommel shares trends and advice based on research. Interesting and surprising.



Employers in the Netherlands will have Zimbabwe B2B List  a fat problem Arjan Elbers writes that we have a major problem in the labor market and recruitment: “The labor market in the fourth quarter of 2021 is tighter than it has ever been. For the first time in our history, there are more vacancies than unemployed people. Let that sink in for a moment. And then you have to imagine that from the end of 2022 the market will become much, much more difficult.” But Arjan also has some ideas for how to tackle these problems.



Sharpen your internal

How do hybrid organizations ensure that  Zimbabwe B2B List everyone stays engaged? Whose problem is digital security? And how important is it to let your employees speak for themselves? Bente Pieters will update you: “These trends in the field of internal communication should make one thing very clear: a very diverse workforce requires very diverse experiences. And your internal communication must respond to this as much as possible in the future.”


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