Human Vs Machine Qualification Germany Mobile Number

no’s can tell you what a page links to, but a human can tell you what a website curator is interested in.

People often wonder if humans are superior machines at a given task. However, for leads eligible for link building, I recommend using a combination of the two. Humans and machines each have different strengths, and combining them is optimal.

What are humans good at?

  1. Data collection, with certainty. Humans Germany Mobile Number are good at specific kinds of nuanced data collection that machines don’t. With tasks like contact tracing or website categorization, machines can make good guesses, but sometimes they will be wrong. So if you’re only using machines to qualify, you can’t be sure you’re reaching out to someone who will find your content or email valuable.
  2. Determine the validity of the website and topic. Some websites are created to trick machines. URL structures or copy-and-design techniques that would immediately alert a human that something fishy is going on can trick a computer into giving it the “legit” seal of approval.
  3. “Getting” your brand. Again, it’s a matter of nuance. Humans can be trained to understand a brand well enough not to make troublesome sensitization errors. Machines cannot develop the intuition needed for optimal qualification.

But I’m not advocating a Luddite culture of link building. We use a wide range of business and internal tools at my company, many of which are used to help qualify.

Machines are better at doing a lot of things very quickly. They can disqualify obvious ‘no’s and take a lot of domains of ‘???’ to “maybe” in the time it takes a Qualifier to fill their cup of coffee.

It’s just that humans have to move opportunities from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’.

Handmade Opportunity Qualification

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Note: Qualification must be campaign specific.

For example, if you are trying to acquire links from local .org websites, but your client only wants links from sites with a minimum domain authority of 35 or 40, it may only be 10 sites Web are “eligible” for you. In this case, you may need to adjust your qualification standards, either by subject or domain authority.

However, there are universal questions that a qualifier should answer for any campaign.

Universal Qualifications:

1. Is this a real website?

This is a human judgment made while exploring the website; is it people run or is it a scraper/machine created website?



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