I have been in business for 10 years and have survived nine deaths

Shen Ran has found five entrepreneurs in different fields. They have experienced the rise and fall of the entire mobile Internet cycle and are in business willing to share the scenery and insights along the way.

I have been in business They may not be successful in the absolute sense, but they must be the most real epitome of the entrepreneur group. Entrepreneurship is impermanent. Between peaks and valleys, in addition to highlights and sorrows, there are thousands of intermediate states for those at the helm. Perhaps the most mundane perspective can inspire peers.

I didn’t turn off the lights once more than 1,700 days before the epidemic, and now I still want to persevere

Chen Ye | 42-year-old founder of the South Study Room on the second floor of Nanjing

The “Second Floor South Study” has been closed for nearly two months this year due to the epidemic in Nanjing. It is still closed. After the epidemic Afghanistan Phone Number situation improves, we plan to reopen it.

This is my first bookstore. From the opening in April 2015 to the present, seven years is not a short period of time. Although I have repeatedly switched on and off under the epidemic, I am not willing to give up, and I am  not willing to give up like this.

When it first opened in 2015, ” Nanjing’s first bookstore open 24 hours a day, does not sell books but only provides borrowing, built in the old house of the Republic of China, facing south “, every label is very attractive.

Entrepreneurship cannot be rely on with passion. In the tenth year, I began to take the initiative to make up lessons

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Li Baijia  |  36 years old, founder of Wuhan fast food brand American claypot

In the eleventh year of entrepreneurship. I have experienced the most difficult two years in the catering industry, and I am suddenly lost. Many wonderful stories have not had time to be record along the way. So, since the beginning of this year, many friends have seen my “Entrepreneurship Diary” video in the circle of friends.

Starting this year, I use the “Entrepreneurship Diary” to record my personal experience

I hope that my ten years of experience in running a restaurant brand can give people outside the company some tips, even a little help. As soon as I have been in business the diary was update to the third issue. Many strangers from all directions came to me, including investors and franchisees. This is an experience that has never been done before.

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